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Peas with sweet potatoes and crispy onion

18 November 2009 One Comment Por: Mikel Iturriaga Imprimir artículo


Photo: Mikel Iturriaga / Ondakin.com

The mixture of peas and sweet potato is a bit unnatural. Some are spring and the other fall. However, freezing preserves peas’ qualities very well, so you can use them everytime. Getting a good supply in season and store it in the freezer is the best option. And if not, locate any brand of superfine peas, as in Spain, La Sirena. In any case, avoid can peas: they are disgusting and ugly.

Although the three major ingredients of the dish have sweet notes, I believe that they combine beautifully, especially the different textures of the creamy sweet potato, crunchy peas and crispy onions. The recipe supports other additives such as ham, but this time I preferred to leave it simple and vegetarian.


Little: just do not burn the onion.


For four people

  • 750 gr. of good quality frozen peas
  • 1/2 gr. of sweet potatoes
  • 3 shallots or scallions (if not found, 1 onion)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper


    Put water to boil with a lot of salt in a large pot, and boil the peas according to package directions. They have to be not overcooked and very bright green. Take them out with a slotted spoon, move them into cold water and set aside.

    In the same boiling water, boil the potatoes unpeeled until tender (15-20 minutes). Take them out, let cool slightly and peel. Cut into large dice (such as snack) and mix with the peas in a bowl.

    Prepare a plate with paper towels. Chop the shallots as thin as possible, and fry over medium-high with plenty of oil until crisp, taking care not to burn. Draw on the paper plate.

    In another skillet, briefly saute the peas and sweet potatoes cut into large dices with four tablespoons of shallots’ oil, just enough so that everything is hot. Add salt and pepper generously and serve immediately in a dish with the crispy shallots on top.

    You can also add a little grilled serrano ham or bacon.

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One Comment »

  • Marhya said:

    Muy original esta receta, por aquí no suelo encontrar boniatos fácilmente, pero me habéis picado la curiosidad por este plato.